"Murder at the Inn" Mystery Events

Every 4th Saturday of the Month  -  6 pm-9ish pm

"GOOD EVENING....."   Spend an enchanted evening at our mysterious inn. Join us for an ALL INCLUSIVE  "Murder at the Inn", where you will find yourself transported to a world of mystery and intrigue through the power of your own imagination (and wonderful food and spirits).

Held on the 4th Saturday Evening of the month, our staff of  actors, a few props and an intriguing story line will plunge you directly into the romance and adventure of a thrilling mystery tale in the magical blended tradition of Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Hitchcock.  We invite you to step across the footlights and become an active participant in our mystery play. Guests will be provided a role and encouraged to dress to fit the part. Additional colorful wardrobes and accessories will be available at the inn.  

Will you be the Hollywood starlet, the art gallery director, the chauffeur, the butler, the script writer, or the estranged "ex"?  Besides a full evening of entertainment and dazzling exchange with fellow guests, the event includes hearty appetizers, dessert, wine and beer ... just to keep the momentum flowing for the "WHO DONE IT".


In the process of removing suspicion from yourself, you question or point to others with motive and opportunity. Often, it seems the opportunity is for laughter, judging from the sounds coming from the room where guests are savoring delectable spirits (wine or beer, of course!), or later in the dining room where a yummy Southern-Charmed dinner of sumptuous character and proportions is partaken by the suspects. While we'll wait until you get here to describe the evening in more detail, the following will give you a clue as to the menu.

Our staff assure you never fall out of character or out of line! The menu is a four course dinner, including salad, main course and of course ... the dessert!  Includes wine, sangria and beer!  You will receive your character before the event, so that you may look for a wardrobe to compliment your role. For your convenience, the Inn has some outfits, hats, scarves that you may borrow in our stage room.  Your will receive your "script" booklet with all the cheatin' notes that you will need to look good.  (So don't need to do a whole lot of studying.  Just a bring a whole lot attitude!) 

and Recieves Updates as they come in! 

Murder Mystery Dinners are held every FOURTH Saturday of the month. Create your own date ... for parties of 10 or more, specify your own date... if the detectives (or the crime scene) are available. 


  *** NOW SHOWING ***

Sat., July 26  --> Rescheuled to  August 2, 2014

Sat., August 23, 2014

Sat., September 27, 2014

"Murder at the Gatsby Speakeasy Club"  

Roaring Twenties Flap through the Prohibition with no Shame!

Click here for details


What about going back in time and one of your first frights?

"Curse at the Collinsport Inn"

***  NEXT SHOW DATE  *** 

 To be announced !!!

A Dark Shadows Influenced - Paranormal Twisted Murder Mystery Event!  



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The Murder Schedule

Fun starts at 6PM and you MUST not be late! Dinner starts at 7:30 PM. 

 COST:  $65/adults  plus Tax & Fee 
$45/younger adults (16-21)
(4-Course Meal, the Murder Mystery Entertainment, Wine/Beer/Sangria, Gratuity).  

Reservations must be provided to prepare for the plots (and food quantity!).



Call the Inn for Information & Reservations: 352-433-0700
or Email the Inn



There is much work, effort and cost associated to the preparation of a Murder Mystery Event prior to guests even arriving.
Characters are assigned after extensive leveraging of online auditions to assure that the perfect roles are casted.
With a cancellation, the process needs to be re-applied while attempting to find another guest to fill the role. 

Due to this...
A Cancellation requested 8 days or more in advance, a $20 fee that will be applied upon refunding the cost of the ticket. 
Cancellation within 7 days or less prior to the event, the cost of the ticket is forfeited and cannot be returned. 

Tickets are transferable to another party (without penalty) with approval of management.